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San Diego, California

The trip to San Diego was the first trip Derrick and I ever took out of the country. Living in the Yukon we don't count Alaska as being out of the country, so the truth is it was out first time down to the lower States. It was a really good deal from Expedia and we ended up staying at the Westin Emerald Towers Hotel in down town San Diego. We had a absolutely wonderful holiday, even though we were there during the earthquake.

San Diego Journal and Pictures

Varadero, Cuba

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Varadero Journal and Pictures

Maui, Hawaii

Derrick and I had heard a lot of wonderful things about Hawaii. We had some disappointments with Cuba and how structured you had to be to go anywhere and do anything. We decided that, at the very least, we could make our way around in Hawaii and take a little more control over what we were having to pay for, just to see the country. We of course wanted warm and to soak in the sun that we don't get at home, but still wanted a certain amount of ease of access, that an English speaking country gives you.

Maui Journal and Pictures

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